Pillar Cremation Packages

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Doric — $1350

Package includes:

  • Shelter of remains (limited to 48 hours)
  • Filing (only) of death certificate, Social Security notice and grave registration (veterans)
  • Alternative container (fiberboard box, wood tray)
  • Placement of free death notice (only) in Times Herald
  • St. Clair County Medical Examiner Permit Fee
  • May Memorial (Port Huron Township) Crematory Fee
  • Mailing of cremated remains

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to understand what the Doric package does not include. Please review the rest of our page, so you can understand that you are declining many additional services that most of our families need or want. It is the responsibility of the family to provide complete death certificate information, full cremation authorizations, and payment prior to cremation. If the family is unable to provide these items, and cremation is delayed beyond 48 hours, such failure will result in a sheltering remains charge of $100 per day, or an embalming fee may result at our discretion.

IonicIonic — $2200

All Doric services above plus:

  • Arrangement conference
  • Memorial service arrangements
    (coordination with family, clergy, musicians, etc.)
  • Staffing of church/club service if desired
  • Handling of and accounting for contributions and tributes
  • Obtaining and delivering death certificates
  • Guidance and assistance with benefits and insurance
  • Preparation and assistance with newspaper notices
  • Assistance with final disposition of cremated remains
  • Arrange delivery of cremated remains to final destination

CorinthianCorinthian — $3350

All Ionic services above plus:

  • Use of funeral home facilities for memorial service
  • Stationery package (register book, two boxes of acknowledgements, and 100 memorial folders or prayer cards)
  • Webcast of memorial services

Additional services available with any package:

  • Use of funeral home facilities per day $1,000
  • Bathing, shampooing, and embalming $750
  • Transfer of remains $345
    (outside local area, an additional $2.25 per one-way mile)
  • Extended shelter (over 48 hours) per day $100
  • Webcasting $300
  • White dove release (seasonal) $150

Additional merchandise available with any package:

Prices may vary by selection, please ask.

  • Stationery (guest books, thank-you cards)
  • Urns (containers for cremated remains)
  • Cremation Jewelry
  • Prayer cards & memorial folders (custom color)
  • Reception Room refeshments
  • Cremation caskets and containers
  • Shrouds & baskets
  • Thumbies (fingerprint jewelry)
  • Tribute Videos

Memorial Resources

Professional services required by law are provided by:

Marysville Funeral Home
1200 Michigan Avenue, Marysville, MI 48040
(810) 966-9227
J.W. Kendrick, Manager.